Luxury Cruises in Asia

Luxury Cruises in Asia

Luxury Cruises in AsiaLocation: Eastern outskirts of the Indian Ocean and the western North Pacific have become quite popular as cruise regions in the last decade. Relatively calm waters, warm temperatures and exotic ports of departure – all together provides a unique cruise experience that attracts a growing number of discerning customers each year.

Bay of Bengal, south and east China Sea, Java Sea with the Indian Ocean, surrounded by countries that offer their visitors a variety of cultures, warm and friendly welcome and high quality services.

Much of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia are not alien to tourists and many customers who would have booked a cruise in the Far East probably before that rested in the region, but certainly ports along the coast of Vietnam and China are new and unfamiliar territory. Several cruise regions in the world offer so much variety and so many interesting ports of departure as the Far East.

From pulsating urban centers to calm islands – places that suit every taste and expectations.

Main ports: Much of World Cruises stop at ports in the Far East during their trip. Others continue east to the Chinese and Korean coasts of the islands and the mainland of Japan. Sometimes routes include a visit to the Russian city of Vladivostok.

Climate: Temperatures and weather conditions in the cruise Far East differ greatly. Most visitors travel to Southeast Asia looking for a warmth and sun in the winter, but rain storms are frequent, just as in the tropics. The humidity is very high in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore in particular. In the northern part of the region around Korea and Japan, temperatures are relatively low compared to places near the equator, such as Penang, Bali and Singapore.

Thin cotton clothes are suitable in the area south of the Tropic of Cancer, which runs just north of Hong Kong. Area of Shanghai north to Vladivostok requires even jackets and sweaters in certain periods of the year, especially for Luxury Cruises in Asia .

Mekong Delta (Cambodia and Vietnam) Modernity of Ho Chi Minh, in which the wounds of war coexist with internet cafes and cell phones to unaltered from time immemorial life on the river. Among the floating markets, rice paddies, pile dwellings, junks, loaded with fish and fruit. Koo Long Nine Dragon, called the Vietnamese Mekong because of the number of sleeves, which splits.

Yangtze River (China) Yangdza river ends in Shanghai, flowing slowly into the sea. By aircraft water table looks like a huge yellow spot, hence probably the name – the Yellow Sea. From the above, the variety of industrial buildings of Shanghai outlines of a huge factory. The metropolis is the head of the dragon, the body of which is a river Yangdza (“Long River”).

Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar) Mergui archipelago is located far south of Myanmar, in a clean and transparent Andaman Sea. A few hundred islands that attract divers, fans of “Adventures tourism” and saltwater fishing, and just those who want to enjoy the pristine nature.

On several islands there are great hotels and Risotto, where tourists gladly come back after traveling through the archipelago on boats and yachts. Mergui archipelago was named after the small town in Myanmar, which was once part of Siam (Thailand’s name to the 2nd World War).

Raja Ampat (Indonesia) Island nation of Indonesia is called by locals Tanah Air Kita, which means Our land and water. And it really is not accidental, since the state extends over 18 000 large and small islands on the vast water surface of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Indonesia as a tourist destination is very exotic to many. There is no person in the world who has failed to be entranced by the beauty of Bali or Java.

Andaman (Thailand) Andaman Islands are an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. Almost all the islands are part of the Union Territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India, but only few of them belong to Myanmar. Main city is Port Blair.

Andaman Islands comprise about 550 islands of volcanic origin, 26 of which are inhabited. They are in line with the north-south, which has a length of 352 km and a maximum latitude 51 km. Nearest continent Asia cape Negro (in English: Cape Negrais) in Myanmar 193 km north.

The area of the archipelago is 6408 km², and the population – about 314,000 people (2018).

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